ABV 01: Coconut Rum Tasting -

Coconut rum tasting: Malibu, Don Q, Parrot Bay and Cruzan. Which tastes best to us?

ABV 01: Coconut Rum Tasting

Our first episode uses our new rating system to unravel the mystery of coconut rum. We’re tasting Don Q Coconut Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum, Parrot Bay and Cruzan Coconut rum. Next episode, we’ll be creating cocktails with the spirit to see which one “tastes” bests in its normal environment.

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  • Anne M.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when the two of you do shows together!!

    I once picked up a bottle of Malibu coconut rum just for the heck of it. It was so good I never wanted to try any others just in case they weren’t as good. I’m not adventurous when it comes to blowing money =) Now I know that I should of took a chance! I will definitely be buying a bottle of Cruzan ASAP!

    thanks! =)

  • http://www.favbrowser.com Vygantas


    Great idea with cocktails. Looking forward to that.

    Now for ratings: I believe that taste is the most important factor, followed by smell/price.

    Therefore, I suggest to have 10/10 for taste, smell and 5/5 for presentation or so, because those are more important factors.

    Now for presentation, that’s where it gets tricky. For instance: lets say there are 2 whiskeys: Walker Black Label (rich, dark color) and other brand with pretty much clear look and some floaties.

    Now that’s where the fun starts. You would give walker 5/5 and that one, maybe 1/5 (just speculating).

    But the point is: black label has e (caramel) and its chill filtered (removes floaties, flavors, etc.).

    Lets say for taste you give black label 4 and that one 5. JWBL wins! But why? That crysal clear is how whiskey should look like, non chill filtered and dark, unless it’s been in a cask for a long time. Just because distilelrs decided to go more organic and don’t destroy all the flavors, it does not mean that they deserve to loose. Some do enjoy floaties and non caramel look, cause that’s how it shuld be.

    You see where I am going? I believe that presentation factor should be removed or its impact reduced.

  • Julio R

    once again, nicely done

  • mitch

    good episode, looking forward to testing these rums in cocktails.

  • Josh M

    I enjoyed the show as always. I had already picked up a bottle of the Cruzan from the Surf Rider episode and have really enjoyed it. I look forward to the future episodes.

  • http://alcoholsbyvolume.com Derrick Schommer

    Awesome! The next episode surprised us, let’s just say the one we rated straight wasn’t the one we picked in a cocktail.

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  • http://liquorists.blogspot.com/ EngeHenk

    Yey, Congratz on getting started here. Even gave you a link/post on my blog so the 2 people per month that visit me can have a look here too!

    Free marketing is always good right?

  • http://alcoholsbyvolume.com Derrick Schommer

    Free marketing is always good marketing! I sent a viewer to your site a few days ago for a review of tequila I believe, so we’re even :)

  • y_ellow_menace

    Why no Bacardi coconut rum? Also I think you should make a batch of Pina Colada’s as that’s pretty much the most iconic coconut cocktail.

  • Mistee

    now i am deeply in lust lol, i love rum, would give anything to see some of the booze that you test :(, a god bottle of wine is almost 50bucks and thats for good not great or above regualr

  • TacoBill

    Thanks for the comparison test. I just picked up a bottle of Cruzan Coconut for $13 (reg price) at BevMo (SoCal).

  • http://alcoholsbyvolume.com Derrick Schommer

    Yeah, we’re a bit cheaper here in NH because we don’t have taxes on our alcohol (since it’s state run that would be pretty redundant)

  • Josh M

    I am in Washington State, Cruzan Coconut Rum is $16.95. $5 just in tax.

  • Chester

    I live in Utah and it’s $13 for a bottle of Cruzan, even though it’s in the state liquor store. Great new series, I plan on watching every episode.

  • http://alcoholsbyvolume.com Derrick Schommer

    $13 isn’t too bad, NY is the worse I’ve seen so far for pricing.

  • Brendan

    Very interesting guys, keep it up. I think your onto something here, this will be popular.

  • Señor Cinco Drinko

    Really like this idea. I agree with the V man: You should alter your ratings scale to better reflect what is important to us Common Man Cocktails fans: Taste! It is much more important than any of the others. Next on the list of significance for us commoners is probably price, then appearance and smell. So maybe assign a 10-point scale for smell, 5 for price, and 3 for the others? In any case, taste should get top billing by a long shot.

    Thanks to your shows, I'm now up to about five different kinds of rum at my house and just bought a Boston shaker for that semi-pro look. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    Anne, I'm happy you're enjoying the two-person show, hopefully as each new episode comes out we'll both really feel the groove and be able to really build up some good energy and kick ass.

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  • Dandywankers

    I got cruzan a week ago on sale for 8 dollars here :)!

    best choice i think along with malibu!

  • Dandywankers

    ps. yall need to invest in a calculator lol

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    Sweet deal, at $8 you can't beat it.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    Yeah, no kidding! Math is hard!

  • http://www.maliburum.org/tag/malibu-rum-calories Malibu rum calories

    Great comparison mate!

  • Dajagerbomb

    Malibu is the only brand of coconut rum that I know. Now that I saw this video I'll try to find other brands to taste

  • Mavoletta

    i think that you should redo this tasting……Don Q is typically $5 to $8 less per bottle then Malibu. Also I am not sure that you can compare the natural elements of a premium to the artifical flavor of the other rums.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    We went through a series of the rums available, as a normal consumer might if they went to the store and bought some specific bottles. In my world, you can definitely compare the two because people do it everyday they go to the store and buy something and decide they like it or decide they don’t. What is that like/dislike based on? Maybe it’s the taste (natural vs. fake) or maybe it’s the price. In a world of “what should I buy” the two compete everyday on the shelf, why not in our tasting?

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