ABV 11: Irish Cream Tasting -

Irish Cream: Emmets, Ryan’s, Bailey’s, Irish Manor and Saint Brendan’s.

ABV 11: Irish Cream Tasting

We’re busting out the Irish Cream in ways we didn’t even know we could. We’ve always assumed Bailey’s Irish Cream was the only product on the market in our region but we were wrong. We picked up Saint Brendan’s, Irish Manor, Emmets, Ryan’s and put them to the test with our old faithful, Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Ryan’s Irish Cream may be a product of Maine, USA. That may not be fully available across the US and abroad, we found that out after reading the label post-recording.

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  • bacchus

    Great show as always Derrick. I would also recommend trying Carolan's if it's available in New Hampshire, because that's what I usually buy (it sells for $13 in California). I never bought Bailey's again after trying some of the lesser known brands, primarily because of the large price disparity. Btw, they all have Irish whiskey, that's why it's “Irish” Cream.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    Yeah, I think the next episode I mention they're all going to have “Irish whiskey.” I'm guessing the better grade of Irish whiskey makes for a better Irish cream? Not sure what the big variable that really makes it better is, but still…tasty stuff none-the-less.

    Last night I poured some, blind, for my mother-in-law and she blindly picked Bailey's as her favorite. With Emmet's a close second.

  • Stephalopuff

    I'm excited about this episode since St. Patrick's Day lingers. Thought about this today during my four hour drive actually, looking forward to finishing the video and hearing what is the best. Now, I had to comment because… is that a Puscifer shirt I'm seeing? If I'm totally wrong, ignore me, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it on you Derrick, again, if I'm seeing that middle logo right. Thanks for the videos! Good taste in alcohol, good taste in music!

  • http://www.favbrowser.com/ Vygantas

    Has anyone found any Ryan’s or Emmets in Europe?

  • D.

    Am I supposed to refrigerate these after opening?

  • D.

    Also. For anyone looking for Ryans in the US


    you can find a list of distrubutors for your state and see if they supply it. They also do 100 proof FireWater and Ice 101 Which Derrik mentioned in one of the shows. I have been trying to find it and it is not supplied in MN.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    That would be a Bacardi T-Shirt, I have two…got them at my Bachelor party back in 2001 or so… it was a long night and I don't remember much but I had these two shirts when I got home. I think it was for taking some crazy purple shots or something.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    No, you don't have to refrigerate, but you do have to consume by date on back. I think Bailey's says a year.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    FireWater! Yay for FireWater!!

  • d.

    There wouldnt happen to be any sort of website or any info on the bottle of Emmets would there? i cant seem to find a website for them, or who imports/distributes.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    It says “Imported by Paddington, LTD Norwalk, CT”

    I googled it and, oddly enough, that's the same importer for Bailey's!

  • bacchus

    The quality of the whiskey probably has something to do with it, but I would speculate that the proportion of whiskey to cream is important as well. I've tried Cask and Cleaver Irish Cream and I didn't care for it too much. It's less creamy and has more burn to it, so it would seem to have a higher whiskey to cream ratio. Perhaps that's why Bailey's has more burn as well? Anyways, you still have to give Bailey's props for inventing the category.

  • Dan

    Would that mean that ABV would be higher for some. At about 7 min into the video he says they are all 17% abv.

  • bacchus

    Not necessarily, they have other ingredients besides just whiskey and cream (Carolan's includes honey for example) that could dilute the alcohol down to 17% ABV. I was merely speculating on why some would burn more than others. Perhaps some of the other ingredients simply hide the burn. It's hard to tell without knowing their actual recipes.

  • Meagan

    i know its available in mass but 90% of the time if u go into a liquor store you can request things such as the carolan's (which is delicious) or any specific types of brand name

  • y_ellow_menace (dennis)

    you should try millwood :)

  • http://liquorists.blogspot.com/ EngeHenk

    Hmm, so when i went to the liquorstore today, i looked at the irish creams available, and picked something new up here aswel. Just took a tiny sip here to taste it, and it seems to be made of awesomeness. Besides the aftertaste. That's even more awesome.
    ( carolan's irish cream for the ones that are interested )

  • Dennis

    I was amused after watching this and discovering that in my area I only have one of the irish creams you did on the show. Baileys, and it is $28 in B.C., Canada. Luckily I have three irish creams you didn't review. Carolans, Feeny's and O'Darby. I intend to do my own little irish cream tasting : P

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    Nice, give that a try and let us know!

  • Steph

    Gotta say, best irish cream ever. . . Coole Swan.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    I’d have to agree with you, I’m waiting to be able to get my hands on it. I had it last year at Tales of the Cocktail.

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