ABV 27: American Gin Tasting/Review -

No. 209 Distillery, Bluecoat, Amsterdam and Brave Spirit’s Standing Guard Gin.

ABV 27: American Gin Tasting/Review

American Gin, what’s the difference between a gin made in America and the long understood London Dry version? We’ve noticed a lot more citrus aroma’s in these gins compared to other London styles, but it doesn’t end there! Which do we like the best?

Gin’s in the tasting include: No 209 Distillery, Bluecoat, Amsterdam and Brave Spirit’s Standing Guard Gin.

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  • wreckermaster13

    where is the amsterdam gin made? hey I tried to register and log in but didnt work.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    I'll check on the register/login. There is two separate ways, you can register with Disqus to leave comments across different sites using Disqus, and you can register on the site as well.

    I believe Amsterdam gin is made in Modesto California. It's at least a california name, even though New Amsterdam means “New York.”

  • utahmixologist

    Out here in Utah 750ml bottles of New Amsterdam are available for $13. You're right, it's not a very ginny Gin, but it mixes well and is great in a French 75. It won't replace Hendrick's or Bombay Sapphire, but it is a very drinkable American Gin.
    –The Utah Mixologist

  • withanx

    You should give Tanqueray No. 10 a try. I'm also not a big fan of Tanqueray's regular gin, but No. 10 has become my favorite over my usual Bombay in a gin and tonic and tom collins.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    What's the difference? I've seen it at the store but the Tanqueray brand has sorta been tarnished to me by their “original flavor.” :)

  • withanx

    It's really completely different. Nothing like their original gin. It has a much more citrusy nose and taste with a very balanced and fresh juniper essence. Highly recommended.

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