ABV 50: Liquid Cocaine Cocktail Recipes -

The Liquid Cocaine Recipe, many different versions of it.

ABV 50: Liquid Cocaine Cocktail Recipes

We’re mixing it up this week on ABV, we’re creating some cocktail recipes for the Liquid Cocaine. This is a recipe we’ve been told many times, “you’re creating it wrong” so we’re going out of our way to create three unique varieties of the cocktail with different ingredients that are all called Liquid Cocaine.

Will they taste the same or like entirely different cocktails?

July 12, 2010 by

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  • Kyle

    I Personally like Whiskey, But I have always noticed a Cinnamon taste in it. Which comes to my point, I bet the cinnamon taste is coming from the southern comfort.

  • Vygantas

    That's a lot of cocaine :-)

    Interesting/nice new format, btw.

  • http://everydaydrinkers.tv Derrick Schommer

    LOL, yes. But how do people like that format? Wonder if we should do it for other recipes we encounter that have too many freaking versions :)

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